Case StudiesCase Studies

Case Studies

Our references reflect the customer relationships which we have been developing and growing for years in both the public and private business sectors. The following case studies provide selected examples of the services which we provide.

  • LiNa eG

    Changes in our society's demographic structure have created a significant shortage of living spaces which are both affordable and equipped for the disabled or elderly. The cooperative housing project "LiNa – Leben in Nachbarschaft eG" aims to create living spaces which fulfil these criteria and are also ecological, technologically demanding and architecturally attractive. The project also meets all of the requirements necessary to be included in "100 Klimaschutzsiedlungen in Nordrhein-Westfalen", a program sponsored by the NRW Climate Protection Ministry to create ecologically friendly settlements in North Rhine-Westphalia.

    STF Energy's planning team supported LiNa e.V in all stages from planning and application through to actual implementation and usage. The builder receives benefits as part of state funded programmes when building climate friendly settlements as well funding from "" and "KfW40". Technical highlights include: thermal insulation standards equal to that of a passive house, controlled living space ventilation (decentralised), pellet heating as well as solar thermal and photovoltaic systems. Energieagentur.NRW GmbH, which represents North Rhine-Westphalia in matters concerning energy efficiency, renewable energies and climate protection, has approved, accepted and officially listed the building settlement in its project portfolio.

  • Sparkasse Lippstadt

    Project: Central Office Conversion / Renovation

    STF Energy is involved in planning and supporting Sparkasse Lippstadt in the renovation of its management offices. This includes expansion of conference rooms and renovation, during normal operations, of the electrical systems in the bank's central offices.

    Initial development of an energy concept involving measurement and analysis of actual energy consumption values and a building simulation was carried out in 2014 with detailed planning and implementation occurring directly thereafter. This included modernisation of the energy centre for cooling, heating and ventilation systems as well as installation of a new centralised control system for the building's systems.

    In the future, heating and cooling of the expanded areas shall be accomplished using gas-driven heat pumps utilising a direct evaporator principle.

  • Maschinenbau Lienenbrügger GmbH

    Project: Introduction of energy-management system

    Maschinenbau Lienenbrügger ( has been a contract manufacturer for high-quality engineering solutions for over 70 years. At this long-established company, STF Energy introduced an ISO 50001-certified energy management system while production was ongoing. The client‘s priority was to reduce operating costs. Based on extensive metrological inspections and an analysis of the potential tax savings, STF Energy developed an energy-measurement concept.

  • Härterei Reese Bochum GmbH

    Project: Introduction of an energy-management system

    As a player in the metal processing industry, Härterei Reese ( is a particularly energy-intensive company. STF Energy developed an ISO 50001-certified energy-management system for Reese to help it improve its energy efficiency and lower its energy costs. In order to develop appropriate cost saving measures, we had to create complete transparency in all areas of the company’s energy consumption and use. In view of the complex processing procedures, the analysis was particularly challenging. Thanks to the implemented efficiency measures, the company’s energy targets were met.

  • Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG

    Project: Energy-efficiency analysis for a Stadtwerke client

    Stadtwerke Düsseldorf ( is the largest energy provider and energy-service provider in the Düsseldorf region. STF Energy conducted an energy-efficiency analysis for an important client on behalf of Stadtwerke Düsseldorf. The analysis involved an inspection of all relevant equipment and an evaluation in terms of energy consumption. This allowed us to give the client a greater insight into its energy usage.

  • Rhein-Ruhr-Malz GmbH

    Project: Introduction of an energy-management system

    Rhein-Ruhr-Malz GmbH ( contracted STF Energy to implement an energy-management system in order to significantly reduce its energy costs for several locations. We conducted comprehensive measurements and drew up an action plan. The consumption analysis of the malting plant proved particularly challenging. The objective was to make the drying process as transparent as possible in terms of energy consumption and usage. Our STF experts successfully implemented an ISO 50001-certified energy-management system, and the subsequent exemption from the EEG levy was particularly appreciated by the client.  

  • Pietsch Bochum GmbH & Co. KG

    Project: Specialist planning of technical building equipment for new facility at Elspermann Großhandels GmbH & Co. KG

    The Pietsch Group ( is one of Germany’s leading wholesalers in sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology with over 50 locations nationwide. STF Energy assisted Elspermann Großhandels GmbH & Co. KG, a Pietsch Group subsidiary, with taking advantage of the full energy savings potential at its new building in Bochum. STF carried out the specialist planning for the heating, plumbing, ventilation and air conditioning. With the development of a comprehensive energy concept including an air source heat pump (Monovalent), the project was successfully completed with an EU GreenBuilding-programme certification.

  • Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH

    Project: Specialist planning of technical building equipment for construction of the “Fressnapf-Akademie” building

    STF Energy assisted Fressnapf, Europe’s largest retail chain for animal food, with its new “Fressnapf-Akademie” building. During planning, STF experts were instructed to take the heating, plumbing, ventilation and air conditioning into account as extensively as possible. STF Energy drew up a comprehensive energy concept taking into account the statutory requirements. Gas-fired heat pumps for heating and cooling to ensure controlled temperature and thermostatically controlled air inlets were integrated into the building. With the help of STF Energy, Fressnapf now boasts a new, modern and energy-efficient Fressnapf academy.


    Project: Development, calculation and implementation of a heating facility for the historical Surenburg castle of in Riesenbeck

    On behalf of KERKHOFF, STF Energy provided the concept, cost calculation and implementation for a heating system at Surenburg castle in Riesenbeck. The objective was to achieve the client’s energy-efficiency requirements while taking into account the high security standards as well as the specifications for historic landmarks. In addition, the STF planners had to consider the different energy users, such as the castle, the hotel and the swimming pool. With the help of STF Energy, the castle was successfully equipped with a highly energy-efficient and flexible heating system.

  • VIVAWEST Wohnen GmbH

    Project: New “Exerzierhalle”: New residential construction with 69 housing units with integrated underground garage for 169 parking spaces

    VIVAWEST ( is Germany’s third-largest housing provider with 120,000 residential units. For the construction of 69 new units with an integrated underground garage, STF Energy is assigned with the technical building equipment planning. STF specialists are developing concepts for the heating, ventilation, plumbing and electrical system. The building project is currently underway.

  • Stroetmann Grundbesitz-Verwaltung GmbH & Co. KG

    Project: Expert Planning

    STF Energy is planning the technical building services (heating, ventilation, plumbing and electric) in a shopping centre being built in Muenster by Stroetmann Grundbesitz-Verwaltung GmbH & Co. KG. The new building includes residential and office spaces as well as diverse shopping facilities. STF Energy is also developing a concept for the ventilation and exhaust extraction systems for the building's underground parking garage. In order to ensure compliance with energy saving regulations (EnEV), the apartments are equipped with highly efficient ventilation units including heat-recovery systems.

    Projekt: New administration building for L. Stroetmann GmbH & Co. KG

    For L. Stroetmann GmbH & Co. KG’s new administration building, STF Energy was responsible for the technical building equipment planning, which included the heating, ventilation, plumbing and electrical systems. STF developed a concept that involved the use of near-surface geothermal power for heating and cooling. The building project was successfully completed in December 2013.

  • Stadtwerke Krefeld AG

    Project: Rough energy analysis to achieve reduction in energy consumption

    STF Energy conducted a rough energy-related analysis of Stadtwerke Krefeld’s technical building equipment. Based on the analysis, STF Energy was able to develop technically optimised solutions in electrical technology, building automation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, heat recovery, sanitary technology, lighting, emergency energy supply and building physics.

    In the proposal, the investment costs and necessary measures were clearly outlined. Moreover, the STF experts issued the client with a thermal insulation certificate according to DIN 18599.

  • Draht Müller GmbH & Co. KG

    Project: Systematic Optimization

    Draht Müller GmbH & Co. KG is a mid-sized, owner operated company which has been producing woven mesh and welded wire screens for 75 years. STF Energy carried out a systematic optimisation for Draht Müller GmbH & Co. KG. This systematic optimisation covered targeted energy efficiency measures: the replacement of HQL mercury lamps and lighting with daylight controlled, presence dependent LED bay lighting and circulator pumps with speed controlled, high efficiency pumps led to significant savings for the company.

  • Jöst GmbH

    Project: Energy Audit

    STF Energy conducted a DIN EN 16247-1 conform energy audit for Jöst GmbH and, in doing so, identified considerable savings potential in the company's paint shop as well as lighting and pressurised air distribution systems. Jöst GmbH is a leading international company in vibration control technologies. The production of high quality machines and systems for the preparation of bulk goods is complex as well as energy intensive. The energy audit conducted identified energy efficiency measures and provided management with a detailed overview of the company's energy consumption.