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Cooperation Partners & Networks

With and on behalf of our customers, we have set the goal of optimising all processes which consume energy and power. In order to achieve this, our experts work as needed with an array of excellent partners from within our network.

  • Electrical Engineering Planning Offices – Hans-Dieter Merzenich

    The electrical engineering and planning offices of Hans-Dieter Merzenich plan and monitor electronic systems such as intelligent building technologies, lighting systems, fire alarm detection and intrusion systems. A series of successful cooperation projects have shown the planning offices to be a valuable partner of STF Energy.

    Additional information may be found at www.plb-merzenich.de

  • Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG (Municipal Utility Works)

    Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG is one of the largest municipal utility companies in Germany. In order to ensure that their operations are sustainable for the future, they are investing in efficient infrastructure across the board. STF Energy is supporting Stadtwerke Düsseldorf by carrying out an energy efficiency analysis for a client.

    Additional information may be found at www.swd-ag.de

  • KREOR Mitte GmbH and KREOR Südwest GmbH

    KREOR Mitte GmbH and KREOR Südwest GmbH's teams of independent engineers and specialised planners support various branches of industry in their building projects. They work to plan all construction projects in a sustainable and resource friendly manner. Several of these projects have been carried out successfully in close cooperation with STF Energy.

    Additional information may be found at www.kreor.de

  • Münster University of Applied Sciences: Faculty of Energy – Building – Environment

    The faculty of Energy – Building – Environment at the Münster University of Applied Sciences places emphasis on affordable, regenerative energy, clean air and drinking water and efficient heating systems. STF Energy was engaged to consult and assist scientists from the university during realisation of a cooperative building project constructing residential properties.

    Additional information may be found at www.fh-muenster.de/fb4/index.php

  • EWE

    The EWE Group is one of the largest energy suppliers in Germany. With operations in sectors such as energy, telecommunication and information technology, they play an active role in the "energy revolution" taking place in northern Germany. STF worked together with EWE to organise a series of informative webinars aimed at companies interested in changes to energy sector regulations known as the EDL-G.

    Additional information may be found at www.ewe.de

  • Effizienz Agentur NRW – Münster Regional Offices

    The Münsterland consultancy network was called to life by the Effizienz Agentur NRW (NRW efficiency agency). The network provides information regarding efficient use of resources, offers companies practical support and allows consultants to exchange information across various disciplines. STF Energy has played an active role in the network since its beginnings in August 2014.

    Additional information may be found at www.ressourceneffizienz.de