STF EnergySTF Energy

STF Energy stands for customised engineering services in the fields of energy and resource efficiency, technical building services and building physics. We utilise integral, conceptual solutions and actively support our clients during each and every phase of their projects. We develop interdisciplinary engineering solutions tailored to reduce construction costs and operational expense while optimising the efficiency of systems, processes and buildings as a whole.

Energy Management

STF ENERGY plans and develops concepts to increase energy efficiency for companies in all sectors. Moreover, our specialists provide support in the implementation of the concepts.

  • Energy Consultation for Mid-Sized Companies

    SME energy analysis allows companies to save on two fronts: STF's BAFA certified engineers help you to systematically uncover savings potential within your company. Thanks to governmental support, companies with annual energy expenses of over 10,000 euros (net) can save up to 8,000 euros or 80 percent of eligible consultation expenses.

    Our Services:

    • support when applying for grants and subsidies
    • measurement and analysis of energy use
    • evaluation of energy consumption profiles
    • development of energy efficiency measures
    • feasibility calculations for EEG systems
    • lifecycle expense assessment
    • finalised reporting presenting optimisation potential
  • Energy efficiency analysis

    As energy demand increases, energy costs rise constantly. Efficient use of energy is the only way to reduce both consumption and costs. Together with our clients and our partners in research and development, we develop customised and sustainable concepts for energy efficiency. We proceed according to the four following steps:

    1.     Analysis
    As part of a holistic analysis of your locations, we take a close look at areas that could affect your energy consumption. Besides assessing the electrical, heating, cooling and ventilation systems, we conduct an overall energy assessment of your building.

    2.     Concept development
    Based on the analysis, we draw up customised short-, medium- and long-term measures to optimise your location. We place particular emphasis on technical building equipment in order to best exploit the identified cost savings potential.  

    3.     Implementation/support
    Once a concept has been developed, we implement the defined measures and support you in the inception of a customised energy controlling system.

    4.     Monitoring
    In order to guarantee the sustainability of the implemented efficiency measures, we will monitor the degree to which the target is achieved and the effectiveness of the measures on a regular basis.

  • Energy Consultation for Agriculture and Horticulture

    The energy consultation programme of the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE) is directed especially at individuals and companies working in agricultural and horticultural fields. STF Energy's consultations systematically identify areas with energy savings potential. Thanks to governmental support, companies can save up to 6,000 euros or 80 percent of their eligible analysis costs.

    Our Services:

    • support when applying for grants and subsidies
    • measurement and analysis of energy use
    • evaluation of energy consumption profiles
    • development of energy efficiency measures
    • feasibility calculations for EEG systems
    • lifecycle expense assessment
    • finalised reporting presenting optimisation potential
  • Municipal Energy Consultation

    Municipal energy consultation offers communities and charitable organisations funding for the development of an energy related renovation concept as well as support in the planning of new, energy-efficient, non-residential community buildings. Funding can mean savings of 80 percent of eligible expenses up to a maximum of 15,000 euros. The restructuring concepts created by STF Energy can be used as a conceptual plan for a complete, one step renovation into a KfW low-energy building or as a renovation roadmap for long term processes.

    Our Services:

    • support when applying for grants and subsidies
    • integral building physics and TGA planning
    • final optimisation potential reports following BAFA guidelines and DIN EN 16247-1
    • development of investment and non-investment related energy savings measures
  • Process Analysis for SME and Large Companies

    Recognising energy savings potential and the optimisation of processes are a major part of being competitive in today's marketplace. There are funding opportunities and subsidies meant to encourage energy-saving technology investments which are directed especially at large companies but also meant for smaller, mid-sized enterprises. These cover not only individual measures but also complex energy efficiency concepts such as the optimisation of technical systems (OTS) including new purchases and acquisitions.

    Our Services:

    • support when applying for grants and subsidies
    • consultation and definition of requirements according to clients' specific needs
    • measurement and analysis of energy use
    • evaluation of energy consumption profiles
    • development of energy efficiency measures
    • energy savings concept presenting optimisation potential



  • Measurement, Analysis and Planning

    STF Energy's engineers offer not only service packages such as energy consultations and audits, but also individual services concerning energy efficiency and resource management. Energy flow measurement is extremely important when it comes to an intelligent, economical examination of optimisation potential in EEG, heating, ventilation, production and heat recovery systems.
    Our Services:

    • dynamic feasibility evaluations utilizing the net present value method and lifecycle costing calculations
    • electrical performance evaluations and load profiling
    • electricity grid analysis with network analysers
    • thermal performance evaluations using ultrasound flow measurements
    • planning and auditing of photovoltaic, CHP, cold and heat recovery systems
  • Thermal Insulation and Energy Balancing

    Our state-certified sound and thermal insulation experts all have the qualifications required by German energy saving regulations (EnEV) as stipulated for construction, renovation and expansion projects. Cooperating closely with the TGA, we develop a fully coordinated, complete concept during the early, permit planning stages of a project in order to reduce investment costs as well as lifecycle expenses for your building.

    Our Services:

    • expert planning in thermal insulation and energy balancing during all HOAI service phases
    • legally required certification as per EnEV regulations and the Renewable Energies Heating Act (EEWärmeG)
    • verification of summer-month thermal protection using dynamic simulations and/or simplified processes
    • verification of minimal thermal protection and climate-related moisture protection
    • equivalence certification and detailed thermal bridge calculations
    • ventilation and airtight sealing concepts
    • energy-related evaluation of existing buildings and conceptualisation of modernization plans
    • issuing of energy certifications for residential and non-residential buildings



  • Introduction of an energy management system as per DIN EN ISO 50001

    Energy efficiency measures strengthen a company's competitiveness. An energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 improves energy related performance, increases energy efficiency and optimises energy consumption levels for your company. The expenses related to introducing an energy management system are often offset by associated electricity and power related tax reimbursements.

    Our Services:

    • analysis of previously completed energy measures
    • analysis of the existing technological basis
    • feasibility consultation regarding the appropriateness and scope of energy management systems in question
    • usage and consumption measurement
    • evaluation of energy savings potential
    • evaluation of tax savings potential
    • implementation of energy management systems
    • creation of required documentation
    • coordination of processes and parties involved
    • grants and funding consultation
  • Energy Auditing as per DIN EN ISO 16247-1

    Conducting an energy audit as defined by DIN EN 16247-1 is an opportunity for large companies to meet the requirements set forth in the German Energy Service Provider Act. However, small and mid-sized companies may also use an energy audit to identify savings potential, lower their energy expenses and take advantage of tax benefits as well.

    Our Services:

    • individual determination of the audit's main focal points
    • analysis of energy supplies
    • usage and consumption measurement
    • creation of an energy consumption analysis
    • analysis of EVU load profiles
    • calculation of the CO2 balance
    • evaluation of energy efficiency measures and energy savings potential
    • consultation concerning subsidies and tax savings potential
    • creation of finalised reports



Technical Building Equipment

STF Energy places a particular emphasis on efficient technical building services and equipment. Optimised energy use is guaranteed as a result of professional engineering services in heating, climate control, ventilation, plumbing and electrical systems. Our customised energy concepts help you to lower your energy costs considerably while also allowing you to maintain a true overview of planning and expected costs.

  • All service phases according to HOAI

    Our experts carry out all service phases according to HOAI (fee structure for architects and engineers): heating, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing and electrical engineering.

    1. Basic evaluation
    2. Preliminary planning with cost estimate
    3. Draft planning and cost calculation
    4. Approval planning
    5. Execution planning
    6. Preparing award of contract and drawing up specifications
    7. Assistance in awarding contracts
    8. Project supervision and cost statement
    9. Project management and documentation
  • Energy Concepts

    Your energy costs are lowered considerably as a result of individualised energy concepts and energetic building renovations. The concepts and strategies, customised to meet your needs and requirements exactly, help ensure that you have a maximum degree of security in planning and cost management. In many situations, depending on your project, there is also the possibility of funding from the KfW credit institute.

    Our Services:

    • detailed inventory taking and analysis
    • creation of three dimensional computer models
    • calculation of the actual required performance for an entire year using energy consumption measurements and simulation of a building's heating and cooling loads
    • modelling to calculate heating and cooling loads
    • use of network models to aid in the calculation of all required electrical consumers in heating, plumbing and ventilation systems
    • development of multiple concept variations
    • calculation of investment expenses and annual energy consumption in individual concept variations to be used in the final decision making process
  • Drinking Water Hygiene

    We are your qualified partners in matters related to good water hygiene – both when it comes to the prevention of risks as well as in eliminating existing problems connected to the supply of clean drinking water.

    Our Services:

    • hygiene-conscious planning and quality control when putting potable water installations into operation
    • instruction for owners, operators or other users when installing potable water systems in accordance with DIN EN 806-5
    • first inspection as part of leak detection or operational start-up
    • hazard analysis for existing systems as per the Drinking Water Ordinance
    • development of recommended solutions to solve existing problems and guarantee a long-term supply of potable water
    • support and assistance in implementing recommended measures
  • BOS-Wireless

    Providing unimpaired digital wireless coverage at all times as an integral part of complex structures and facilities is an important aspect of safety and, as such, often included as part of building codes and requirements. In particular, the nature of fire department and police work means that they truly rely on effective, reliable communication; within buildings of course as well. The specialists working at our affiliate STF Tele Consult GmbH stand by your side acting as experienced partners to satisfy any questions and concerns regarding communication safety and security – from planning and installation all the way to maintenance of existing and future wireless systems.

    Our Services:

    • initial evaluations; on-site assessment and measuring
    • presentation of evaluation results as part of an implementation concept
    • creation of an execution schedule in line with fire department-approved concept profiles
    • installation of facility services and systems together with our general contractor
    • operational launch
    • final inspections and approval by fire department officials