STF EnergySTF Energy

STF ENERGY GmbH stands for efficient use of energy and customised planning. Our mission is an optimisation of all energy related processes in buildings and production plants. We identify sector-wide energy savings potential for our clients, allowing them to sustainably reduce operating costs and increase the efficiency of their equipment.

Energy Management

STF ENERGY plans and develops concepts to increase energy efficiency for companies in all sectors. Moreover, our specialists provide support in the implementation of the concepts.

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  • Energy consultancy

    Our consultants will provide you with comprehensive and expert advice regarding energy efficiency. We assess your energy consumption and potential energy savings and identify ways in which you can lower consumption. 

    • Potential-maximising consultancy
    • Funding consultancy
    • Energy-tax rebates
    • EEG exemption
    • Energy-performance certificates, KFW application – modernisation
  • Energy efficiency analysis

    As energy demand increases, energy costs rise constantly. Efficient use of energy is the only way to reduce both consumption and costs. Together with our clients and our partners in research and development, we develop customised and sustainable concepts for energy efficiency. We proceed according to the four following steps:

    1.     Analysis
    As part of a holistic analysis of your locations, we take a close look at areas that could affect your energy consumption. Besides assessing the electrical, heating, cooling and ventilation systems, we conduct an overall energy assessment of your building.

    2.     Concept development
    Based on the analysis, we draw up customised short-, medium- and long-term measures to optimise your location. We place particular emphasis on technical building equipment in order to best exploit the identified cost savings potential.  

    3.     Implementation/support
    Once a concept has been developed, we implement the defined measures and support you in the inception of a customised energy controlling system.

    4.     Monitoring
    In order to guarantee the sustainability of the implemented efficiency measures, we will monitor the degree to which the target is achieved and the effectiveness of the measures on a regular basis.

  • Energy audit DIN EN 16247-1

    When an energy audit is carried out, the energy situation of your company is inspected. Upon consultation with our advisers we systematically collect and analyse all significant energy flows. In the audit report which is made available at the end, our energy advisers highlight potential ways to save energy and recommend measures, which may be taken for the efficient use of energy and reduction of costs.

    Carrying out an energy audit according to DIN EN 16247-1 is an opportunity for companies to meet the demands of the energy services law. With the help of an energy audit, small and medium-sized companies are also able to uncover potential ways to save energy and lower their energy costs. It is also possible to draw on tax benefits. Our energy auditors consult you independently and individually.

    Furthermore, we can also undertake the implementation of the recommended measures. Rely on the specialist knowledge of our skilled experts for specialised TGA planning.

  • Energy Management Systems

    We assist you in the whole implementation process of your energy management system, from inception to certification.  

    • Analysis of existing technical basis
    • Consumption measuring
    • Identifying consumption and savings potential
    • Implementation of energy management system (DIN EN ISO 50001)
    • Preparing the necessary documents
    • Coordination of processes and participants
    • Funding consultancy

Technical Building Equipment

STF Energy places particular emphasis on efficient technical building equipment. Thanks to our engineering expertise in heating, air conditioning technology, plumbing and electrical systems, we guarantee an efficient use of energy.

  • All service phases according to HOAI

    Our experts carry out all service phases according to HOAI (fee structure for architects and engineers): heating, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing and electrical engineering.

    1. Basic evaluation
    2. Preliminary planning with cost estimate
    3. Draft planning and cost calculation
    4. Approval planning
    5. Execution planning
    6. Preparing award of contract and drawing up specifications
    7. Assistance in awarding contracts
    8. Project supervision and cost statement
    9. Project management and documentation
  • Energy concepts

    All energy concepts we provide include an energy-related model in addition to standard calculation methods.